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Claudius Shropshire Coach

A nationally ranked athlete and aspiring Olympian, Claudius bikes, swims, runs, and also trains athletes. After a hard day on the field he relaxes his muscles with CBD dominant marijuana.

MedMen: How do you break the Stoner stereotype?
Claudius Shropshire: I’m constantly active. I don’t use marijuana to get high. I use it to manage anxiety and to ease muscle pain.

MM: What role does marijuana play in your life?
CS: It’s a support aid.

MM: What do you do that needs a sharp mind?
CS: Coaching form and technique.

MM: Physical feats?
CS: I’m an elite level multi-sport athlete.

MM: Hidden talents?
CS: I have a degree in environmental science and I breed fish and reptiles. I’ve been an aqua culturist since I was a kid.

MM: Preferred places and pursuits?
CS: Anywhere there’s music I can vibe to. 90’s R&B, like Maxwell, Luther Vandross and Sade.

MM: Favorite MedMen products?
CS: Plus CBD gummies.

MM: Personal motto?
CS: Take it all in, use what you need, leave the rest for later.

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