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Jade Green Executive

When she’s not running through airports to catch flights, exploring the ocean’s depths, or thinking a mile a minute, Jade likes to de-stress at home with her Yorkie, and a selection of relaxing teas and vapes.

MedMen: How do you break the Stoner stereotype?
Jade Green: I’m the opposite of lazy and unmotivated. I’m up before sunrise and constantly traveling and on the go.

MM: What role does marijuana play in your life?
JG: It calms everything down. My mind works so quickly and having cannabis at the end of the day is a great way to wind down.

MM: Great physical feats?
JG: I’m constantly running through airports.

MM: Secret talents?
JG: I’m a Sudoku champ.

MM: What do you do that needs a sharp mind?
JG: My job.

MM: Preferred pursuits?
JG: Scuba diving.

MM: Favorite MedMen products?
JG: Positivi-tea and Venice Cookie Co. Toffee cookies.

MM: Personal motto?
JG: Do good and do well. These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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