Janet Hendricks Officer

The ultimate LA multi-hyphenate, we'll call her Janet (she wished to not be named for professional reasons), is a mounted patrol Police officer, rancher, cowgirl, and jewelry maker who rescues and rehabilitates animals. She credits her boundless energy to the miraculous, restorative powers of CBD oil.

MedMen: How do you break the Stoner stereotype?
Janet Hendricks: I’m the total opposite. I use marijuana to help me sleep so that I have more energy during the day. I had no idea you could take CBD without THC. It doesn’t make me high; it makes me feel normal.

MM: What role does marijuana play in your life?
JH: I’d had broken sleep for years and it was getting worse with age. I was tired of being tired. Marijuana enabled me get into a really deep sleep and stay asleep. And I dream awesome dreams.

MM: What convinced you try marijuana?
JH: Friends were using it for medicinal reasons. One friend had cancer and he told me CBD helped him sleep. He was right.

MM: What do you do that needs a sharp mind?
JH: We use a Mecate rein on the horses when we’re on patrol and that requires total attention. Accidents can happen very easily.

MM: Great feats of coordination?
JH: I flip out my handcuffs and never get them tangled, and use sharp knives and tools to cook and make jewelry.

MM: Favorite MedMen products?
JH: Plus Gummies and CBD Sublingual Drops.

MM: Marijuana motto?
JH: Try it, you’ll like it.

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