Lady Red Queen

Pharmaceutical sales rep by day, and performer and prominent player on the LA drag scene by night, Lady Red wears many hats, not all of them sequined. She uses CBD oil to alleviate pain.

MedMen: How do you break the Stoner stereotype?
Lady Red: I’m an overachiever who’s excited by life and I can do anything – but fail.

MM: What role does marijuana play in your life?
LR: I have a condition called CVS. Tinctures and CBD oil alleviate symptoms like stomach pain and nausea. For me it’s not about the party, it’s about pain management.

MM: What convinced you try marijuana?
LR: I was tired of taking opioids that shut my body down.

MM: Marijuana enables you to … ?
LR: Give joy to other people. When I’m out of pain I can share as much joy as possible.

MM: What do you do that needs a sharp mind?
LR: I have to remember my lines when I’m on my talk show or performing.

MM: Great feats of coordination?
LR: I sing, dance, and twerk at the same time.

MM: Favorite MedMen products?
LR: 3-in-1 tinctures in the morning (“they get into the bloodstream quickly”), Papa and Barkley body oil to relieve tension; and Heavy Hitters Vape Oil.

MM: Personal Motto?
LR: Go get it, or someone else will, honey.

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