Charles Britton Teacher

In addition to being the Learning Director at MedMen, Charles is a distance cyclist, hip hop dancer, and eloquent orator who polishes his public speaking skills at a Toastmaster’s Club.

MedMen: How do you break the Stoner stereotype?
Charles Britton: People assume stoners are lazy, unmotivated and unsuccessful, but that’s not true. I cycle, dance, volunteer, speak. I look at cannabis like a glass of wine or beer.

MM: What role does marijuana play in your life?
CB: It eases anxiety. It also unleashes creativity when I’m writing speeches.

MM: What do you do that needs a sharp mind?
CB: Public speaking. I’m constantly talking to groups at work. I’m also part of a Toastmaster’s organization that requires quick wit and elocution.

MM: Great feats of coordination?
CB: Hip hop dancing and biking hundreds of miles.

MM: Preferred pursuits?
CB: Cycling. My longest bike ride in the summer is the San Francisco to LA for AIDS Lifecycle.

MM: Do you use marijuana to treat physical ailments?
CB: I use CBD gummies when I’m cycling to help relieve aches and pains.

MM: Favorite MedMen products?
CB: Dosist vape pens. Lord Jones CBD Gummies. Papa and Barkley Releaf patches. I’ve given these to my Mom and she’s in her 70’s.

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